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Exercise Room (Gym)

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A recently renovated indoor Exercise Room (or Gym) is accessible 24 hours a day / 7 days a week via the common indoor corridor which links all three of the condominium complex's condo towers.

The Exercise Room features a cable weight lifting system, hand weights ranging from 3 to 45 pounds, resistance bands, weight plates, curl & straight weight lifting bars, floor exercise mats, exercise balls, two treadmills, a stationary bicycle and an elliptical machine. For increased safety and security, the room also has a recording surveillance camera, an emergency red phone and a portable defibrillator accessible in the adjoining hallway.


Users please keep the following Exercise Room (Gym) Information and Rules in mind:

1. Users MUST sign the User Log. Kindly fill in all the required information requested on the User Log located on the bulletin board.

2. For security reasons, when in use, the door MUST remain open.  Please note that the Exercise Room (Gym) is also equipped with a digital video surveillance system to help mitigate the potential for theft as well as to document any unlikely incidents.

3. No food is allowed in the Exercise Room (Gym) at any time.  Water and Energy Drinks are allowed but must be in a container with a lid.  Users must immediately clean up any spills.

4. Use of the equipment and facilities are at the user's own risk.

5. A user who damages or breaks any equipment shall be held responsible for paying for any required repairs or replacement.

6. The Board of Governors, or the condominium corporations are not responsible for any user's property left, lost, stolen or damaged in the Exercise Room (Gym).

7. Proper exercise clothing and indoor footwear are mandatory.  Pyjamas, nightgowns, dressing/lounging gowns, bare feet, slippers, clogs, sandals, boots and especially outside shoes are NOT allowed.

8. Wipe down and clean all gym equipment using the washing solution provided after use.  Spray the washing solution onto a paper towel (not directly onto the equipment) and then thoroughly wipe down the equipment.

9. It is recommended that first-time users or beginners try the equipment at their lowest settings.

10. Visitors, absentee owners and other non residents such as private trainers MUST be accompanied by an onsite resident of the Château Vanier condominium complex at all times. Keys are never to be shared with people who do reside in the Château Vanier condominium complex.

11. Children aged 12 and under are NOT allowed in the Exercise Room (Gym) at any time.

Children aged 13 to 16 years old inclusively MUST be accompanied by a parent or a guardian who is not less than 18 years of age, and is an onsite resident of the Château Vanier condominium complex.

12. Return all small gym equipment such as hand weights, floor mats and stretch bands to their designated storage area after use. Large equipment must never be moved.

13. A 30 minute time restriction is to be followed when using any equipment should other users be waiting for their turn. Please have consideration for other users.

14. No loud music or abusive/provocative language are allowed. Respect other users.

15. Report any broken equipment or unusual events to the Property Management Office or on the User Log Sheet after normal business hours.  If urgent, contact the 'On-Duty' Superintendent by calling (613) 745-1501.

16. The last person to exit the Exercise Room (Gym) MUST turn off the stereo system, fans, lights and then lock the door.

Note: Residents can obtain a key to the Exercise Room from the Property Management Office once they provide a small refundable deposit. Failure to abide by the rules noted above can result in the revocation of Exercise Room (Gym) access privileges.