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Party Rooms: Card Room & Reception Hall

Château Vanier's Amenities, Services and Advantages

A large Reception (Party) Room with a kitchen is available for rent to on-site residents at a fee of $75 plus a security deposit of $50. The security deposit is fully reimbursable if no damage is found and any unforseen costs are incurred as a result of the the reservation and main event.  The smaller Card Room is provided to residents free of charge. Reservations may be placed with the Management Office during regular work hours.


Card Room


Reception Hall with Kitchen


The Château Vanier's Social Committee regularly organises weekly evening activities in the Reception and Card Rooms, such as: Bingo Nights, Line Dancing, Pétanque and Sand Bags, etc. Monthly dinner and dance events are organised and tickets are often sold in advance. A Garage and Arts and Crafts sale is also planned every year for the end of May as well as the end of October.