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Laundry Rooms

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All three of the condominium complex' towers have laundry rooms open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, located at ground level just off their lobbies.


Laundry equipment prices are kept purposely low to ensure that residents use the laundry room facilities to wash and dry their clothes. The current price is only $1.25 per wash cycle and $1.25 per 60 minute dry cycle.  For 25 cents, residents can also purchase extra wash and rinse time (a.k.a. the 'Supercycle') for heavily soiled items or 7 extra minutes of dryer time.


Residents using the laundry room in Tower C pay $1 for cold, $1.25 for warm and $1.50 for hot washing cycles. Towers A and B have a combination of both top and more energy efficient front loading washing machines while Tower C only has the more energy efficient front loading washing machines.


Tower B Laundry Room (Same as Tower A, a combination of top and front loading washers):

Tower C Laundry Room
(Front loading washers only):


Tower A has coin activated laundry equipment (a $1 coin or 'loonie' plus a 25 cent coin are required).


Towers B and C on the other hand use Coinamatic's Smart City laundry cards system.  These cards can be pre-loaded with up to $50 in laundry $ credits directly from a resident's debit card at no additional charge or from a major credit card for an extra 85 cents.



If a laundry card is reported misplaced or lost to the Management Office, the laundry equipment can be programmed to no longer recognize that particular card until it is successfully recovered.



Please note that permanent and/or portable clothes washers & dryers as well as portable dishwashing equipment have long been forbidden in residents' apartments throughout the entire condominium complex due to incompatible plumbing resulting in excessive bubbling into some apartments. Permanent dishwashers are however allowed if: (1) pre-approved by the Management Office; (2) installed by a certified (and insured) plumbing company; and (3) a copy of the service invoice must also be provided to the Management Office to insert into the apartment's permanent file. Failure to comply with these rules may result in an automatic insurance liability assessment and/or other civil action. We encourage residents to heed this warning.