Boards of Directors

Elected DIRECTORS assume assigned positions and have voting rights at board meetings while appointed OFFICERS do not vote. The directors decide amongst themselves who will be assigned to which position following their tower's Annual General Meeting (AGM), which are typically scheduled annually for late April or early May. Newly elected directors receive three (3) year terms while Officers are appointed annually amongst interested residents by their tower's elected directors. Officers may attend whole or parts of monthly meetings at the discretion of the elected directors. Generally, all boards meet monthly, except in summer (July and August).

Carleton Condominium Corporation #12 (Tower A)
President: Daniel Prévost

Treasurer: Sylvie Richer

Corporate Secretary and Communications: Pierre Guimond

Director: Lorraine Marston

Director and Tower A Parking Coordinator: Jordan Buxton


Carleton Condominium Corporation #15 (Tower B)
President: David M. Lefebvre

Treasurer: Megan Barton

Director: Julie Richer

Maintenance and Tower B Parking Coordinator: Réjean Ouellette

Corporate Secretary and Communications: Gabriel Hould


Carleton Condominium Corporation #47 (Tower C)
President: Marc Desjardins

Corporate Secretary: Yvonne Côté

Mechanical Director: Denis Bissonnette

Director: Monique Campeau-Leblanc

Director: Carol Landry

Officer responsible for Communications: Deni Belecque

Officer and Tower C Parking Coordinator: Terry Landry


Board of Governors (Complex's Common Areas & Amenities or the Joint Common Elements)
Co-Chairs: Daniel Prévost (Tower A); David M. Lefebvre (Tower B); and Marc Desjardins (Tower C).
Treasurer: Sylvie Richer (Tower A)

Secretary: ?? (Tower ?)

- Including all of other Tower A, B and C Directors and Officers listed above.