Arranging Services

Condo Fees

Your monthly condominium fees include various utilities, part of your insurance, along with maintenance of the common areas, building envelope and mechanical systems, along with other costs associated with running the Condominium Corporation. You are responsible for ensuring that your monthly fees are paid, and if they are not paid, your property may be subject to a costly lien. You may pay your condo fees by post-dated cheques or pre-authorized debit from your bank account. Contact the property manager to arrange for the payment of your condo fees.


You can arrange for home telephone service by directly contacting any local provider, such as Bell or Rogers.


The building is serviced by cable internet providers such as Rogers and DSL providers such as Bell.


Our condominium is serviced by Rogers Cable and Bell Express View. You should contact Rogers directly if you wish to arrange for cable television service. You should contact Bell directly if you wish to arrange for satellite television service.