Boards of Directors

Carleton Condominium Corporation #12 (Tower A)
President: William Giggie
Treasurer: Bruno Gagnon
Secretary: Nigel Lythgo
Mechanical Director: Pierre Guimond
Director: Lyne Thibodeau

Carleton Condominium Corporation #15 (Tower B)
President: Monique Delisle
Treasurer: Réjean Ouellette
Secretary: Gilles Dubé
Mechanical Director: David M. Lefebvre
Director-at-Large: VACANT

Officer: Silvia Sant'Anna

Officer: Rollande Dorval

Carleton Condominium Corporation #47 (Tower C)
President: Marc Desjardins
Treasurer: Ginette Cardinal

Secretary: Joan Teske
Mechanical Director: Gisele Brisson
Director-at-Large: Deni Belecque
Officer: Diane Richer

Board of Governors (Complex's Common Areas & Amenities or the Joint Common Elements)
Chairman: Marc Desjardins (Tower C)
Vice-Chairman: Bruno Gagnon (Tower A)
Treasurer: Réjean Ouellette (Tower B)

Secretary: Monique Delisle (Tower B)
Including all of other Tower A, B and C Directors listed above.