Key Rules

The official rules are written in the documents governing the Condominium Corporation, in particular the Declaration, By-laws and Rules and Regulations. It's important that all owners and residents take the time to familiarize themselves with these documents.

Some specific rules that everyone should pay close attention to include:


You are only permitted to move furniture and other items into or out of the building after following the correct procedure to book your move. Moves may only take place during certain hours, and special elevator pads must be in place to protect the elevator interiors.


All moves must be made between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Should you have large items delivered or picked up, please make arrangements with the superintendent to place the elevator on service.

Neighbours Right to Quiet Enjoyment

Quiet Enjoyment

Although walls and floors between our units are built in concrete, they are not entirely sound proofs. In order for everyone to live in harmony, we must all remember that we are living in relatively close proximity to one another. Please be considerate of your neighbours and don't play the radio/stereo/TV too loud, and wear slippers or soft shoes if you have parquet floors. Felt pads under chairs and table legs will minimize noise and protect your wood floors.

Also, be aware that noise on balconies readily transmits into neighbouring units.

Condominium Rules

The rules and regulations of our Condominium clearly provide for owners rights to quiet enjoyment of their unit, places the burden on the individual making noises to ensure they do not disturb their neighbours, and provides the Condominium Corporation with powers to enforce these rules.

City Noise Bylaws

In addition to the Condominium Rules, all residents and visitors are also bound by the city noise bylaws, which restrict activities that may disturb the peace and comfort of others 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. on weekdays, between 11 p.m. and 9 a.m. on Saturdays, and between 12 a.m. and 12 p.m. on Sundays.

Please report any noise bylaw infractions to the City, as well as to our Property Manager.


Dogs, reptiles, rodents and monkeys are not allowed in or about any unit, or on the common elements. Visitors are not permitted to bring animals into any unit, or common elements. (By-law #4)

Residents are permitted to have pets, under certain circumstances. There are limits on the type and number of pets that are permitted per unit. You are responsible for cleaning up your pet anywhere on or near the premises, and pets are not permitted in common amenities.

If a pet owner fails to follow these rules, the pet can be deemed by the Board to be a nuisance and ordered to be permanently removed from the property.

If you have a pet, it is important that you familiarize yourself with these rules and follow them. These rules include:

Renting Your Unit

Individual unit owners may rent out their unit, but subject to certain conditions. These include requirements for both the landlord and tenant to provide the Condominium Corporation with a copy of the signed lease. This requirement must be fulfilled before a tenant will be permitted to move in. The unit owner may not use the building amenities or parking for the duration of the tenancy.

Tenant Obligations

The tenant must provide sign a Tenant Acknowledgement and Undertaking Form before they will be permitted to move in, and before their name will be added to the front door enterphone system. This form is available from the property manager or online here: [.pdf]. The tenant must also sign to indicate that they have received a copy of this handbook before they may be permitted to move in. The tenant is bound by all rules, bylaws and the Declaration.

Landlord Obligations

The landlord must provide a signed Tenant Information Form before the tenant will be permitted to move in. This provides key information to ensure that the unit owner (landlord) still receives all key communications for unit owners, and is also vital in the case of an emergency. The landlord must also provide a copy of the signed lease to the Condominium Corporation.

Landlord Use of Facilities

A unit owner who has rented out their unit may not access the property, including parking areas or amenities such as the gym, for the duration that the unit is rented. The tenant has full access to these facilities instead.


To keep a neat and tidy appearance of the building, and for safety reasons, only seasonal furniture and flower boxes (placed against the cement wall or properly tied down) are permitted on balconies. Balconies may not be used for storage of bicycles or other items. Carpets are allowed but can only be glued at the edges to allow for removal if required. For the safety of those below, you must ensure that no items can fall or be dropped from your balcony. In particular, dropping cigarette butts poses a personal safety and fire hazard threat to those below, and is strictly forbidden. Please use an ashtray instead. Seasonal cleaning is the responsibility of the resident. Clothes lines are not allowed on balconies as they are unsightly.


No outdoor cooking or use of BBQs is permitted on balconies, for safety reasons. BBQs are not permitted by order of the Fire Department. (By-Law #1798)

Common Elements

You are not permitted to modify any common elements of the Condominium. If you have any concerns with the common elements, please contact us. It is important that you take the time to familiarize yourself with things that are common elements, as these include unit entry doors, windows and window frames, and other things that those new to Condominium living may assume are part of the unit they own.

Parking Spaces

Parking spaces may not be rented to non-residents. Also, no items other than vehicles may be stored in your parking space, for both security and insurance reasons.

Renting of Parking Spaces

Parking units may only be used by and rented to residents of our Condominium.

Outdoor Parking

Should you have visitors whose car will remain in the visitors' parking area overnight, place a note on the dashboard, indicating a telephone number where they can be reached, otherwise the car could be towed away. The outside parking is for the use of visitors and not for storage of vehicles. Report any unauthorized use of our parking by those going to other establishments (i.e. nearby restaurants, etc.) to management.


Smoking is not permitted in any are of the premises other than within your unit.

Signs and Flyers

To keep the building looking neat and tidy, no sort of sign or flyer may be posted in the common areas, and no flyers or notices may be distributed except by permission of the Condominium Corporation.

Laundry Room

The laundry room is open to residents only. It is not permitted to have friends or relatives use the Corporation's laundry facilities. Report any unauthorized use to management.

The laundry room is open 24 hours a day. Make sure that the door is closed and locked and the lights are off when you are the last to leave the room. Please do not use more than 3 machines at one time during busy periods out of courtesy to your neighbours. Ensure that you remove your laundry promptly after the cycle is complete. Washing machines run for 25 minutes and dryers nun for 60 minutes. Please clean the lint trap in the dryers after every use.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are required by law. Replace the battery in your smoke detector at least once a year. A good time might be when you change your clocks in the spring or fall.

Garbage and Recycling

Please do not use the chute between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. so as not to disturb the occupants of the units immediately beside the garbage chutes. Make sure your garbage bags are properly tied before throwing them down the chute. As we now have a compactor, it is imperative that no construction material such as wood, metal, etc., be thrown down the chute. Ensure that contractors remove all construction materials.

The buildings are equipped with recycling bins for cardboard/paper and plastic/glass containers. Please fold or take apart any cardboard boxes before placing them in the recycling. As well, large item to be placed in the garbage can be left in the Garbage and Recycling Room.

Swimming Pool/Exercise Room

The Château Vanier complex includes an indoor swimming pool and an exercise room for the use of the residents. The hours of operation are posted on the Bulletin Boards. Rules are posted at each location. Contact the management office to obtain a key for these facilities.

Maintaining Building Security

It is everyone's job to ensure the security of our building.

Please keep the following in mind:


Building Access and Security

Security features at the EM include: